A founding member of Silver Travis, Calvert is originally from Spartanburg, SC. Randall now resides in Columbus, NC with his family, and is the owner of Calvert's Kitchen. Best loved menu item? By far and away, The Mountain Man Burger (along with everything else!)

     Randall was heavily influenced by Toy Caldwell, although depending on the instrument he is playing, you can hear a diverse range of influences from the slide guitar sound reminiscent of Duane Allman to the country-fried sounds of Jerry Reed or the blues rock of Eric Clapton. Randall has written many of the group's best loved songs...and his latest contributions to the catalog are scorching. 

Another founding member, Joey plays Fender, Cort and Washburn guitars. He was heavily influenced by Capricorn Records bands in their early years. Among some of Joey's biggest bass influences are Tommy Caldwell & Tim Lawter of The Marshall Tucker Band, Berry Oakley & Allen Woody of The Allman Brothers Band, Joe Bennett of the Sparkletones, and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin. When not playing, Joey enjoys antique hunting, Carolina Panthers football and cooking with his family and friends. 


STB's third founding member, Mike has been drumming for 35 years. Influenced and taught by Joe Bennett, Paul T. Riddle, Ace Allen and Freddie Wooten, Mike's proudest moment as a drummer came while playing on stage with The Marshall Tucker Band. Mike's family includes his children and adorable grands, the next generation of Silver Travis Kids. 


Daniel Jackson of Landrum, SC is a longtime veteran of the Upstate musical scene, having performed with some of the finest musicians in the Carolinas. He played in several upstate bands including Aspen, Nasty Ned, and Big Shot Jimmy. He also appeared on the Charlie Daniel's Talent Roundup in the '90's. On guitar Daniel was heavily influenced by Steve Gaines, Tony Rice, and Roy Nichols. His vocal influences range from Delbert McClinton to several Southern Gospel singers such as Jason Crabb and Michael English. Daniel also brings his ample songwriting skills to the band.


Carey is a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter from Landrum, SC who has been performing since he was a teenager, when he was once a member of a band called Aspen. Later, he fronted the Carey Upton Band and The Rockland Tramps, just to name a few. An outstanding songwriter, his vocals pair with Daniel's and the other band members to create amazing 3 and 4 part harmonies.

Buckwheat has managed the stages of true Southern Rock Royalty...from Artimus Pyle Band to Mother's Finest, Lindy and the Nighthowlers to Wet Wille and The Marshall Tucker Band, he is now THE ROAD BOSS of STB. And he does his job to perfection.


Another member of the crew that STB couldn't do without is Danny Jones. Danny is Carey's father-in-law, and has a huge amount of sound and stage experience. He's also the one who best keeps everyone in line and on schedule!


When any of the STB Kids are available at show time, they often can be found loading in and out, or pitching in with merch sales. 



STB'S resident artist and marketing girl, Pam does everything from designing gig posters and T shirts to dreaming up gourmet Silver Travis Band food items....hopefully one day y'all will be snacking on STB Beef Jerky while you're drinking Copperline Moonshine. If it happens, you'll hear about it here first!

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